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I love math and I love computers

In particular I love algorithms and I love understanding exactly how things are working. I love Linux, open source software, and slalom waterskiing as well.

What I want to do

Based on what I've been driven by in the past


Work with C/C++

I have always enjoyed these languages and continue to enjoy working with them. In particular I've been interested in operating systems and embedded systems. I'm very intruiged with concepts including commuunications, drivers, scheduling, security, and reliability of the software.


Work with cloud computing technologies

I find myself really interested in clouud computing and what it has to offer for the world. I have experience with OpenStack and I'm currently implementing Docker into my personal projects to learn more about that (containers are really fun!).


Have fun with the team

I enjoy working with a team. Collaboration is great because in discussion so many new ideas get thrown around that you can never predict what may come from it.